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We are the proud owners of a 2004-WK Caprice and 2006-WL Statesman International.
True to Holden’s superior form they are sharp, sleek, sophisticated and sporty. These two Holden flagships set them apart from everything else on the road

Car Features

The Caprice and Statesman both have:
  • Commanding road presence
  • Spacious cabin with ample leg room
  • Comfortably seats 4 passengers
  • Luxurious leather interior
  • Dual zone, airconditioned comfort
  • Large sunroof (Statesman)
  • DVD Player (Caprice)
  • Bright zenon lights
  • Premium Acoustics audio system
  • Powerful yet refined Chevy V8 motors

    Under the bonnet

    Both cars are powerhouses on the road, however still provide a smooth safe ride to your destination.
  • Caprice – 5.7 litre V8 with 245kw
  • Statesman – 6 litre V8– a whopping 260kw of power.

    Come ride with us in comfort and style.
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    inside limo

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